last changeSat, 5 Mar 2016 19:54:49 +0000 (11:54 -0800)
2016-03-05 Meryem Esamake extend and retract intake arm piston methods and... master meryem/updateIntakeArm
2016-03-05 Meryem Esadelete commands that moved intake arm to a specific...
2016-03-05 Meryem Esadelete anything to do with pots and motors in IntakeArm...
2016-03-03 Harel DorChange shooter to function off of two pistons, remove... harel/shooter-update
2016-02-22 Kevin ZhangCorrect ports
2016-02-18 Meryem Esamake a default intake arm speed constant align-intake-testing danny/test-new-branch
2016-02-18 Meryem Esaimplement MoveIntakeArmToLevel command group
2016-02-18 Meryem Esaadd a min speed for the arm in move arm to angle command
2016-02-18 Yamini Adusumellichange lidar ports
2016-02-18 Kevin ZhangFix syntax errors in master got in the last merge
2016-02-18 Meryem Esaadd TODO comment for testing WaitCommand
2016-02-18 Meryem Esachange isUsingTime to final and delete the method that...
2016-02-18 Meryem Esachange all the pass defense constants to finals
2016-02-18 Meryem Esarefactor isUsingTimeToPassDefense to isUsingTime
2016-02-18 Kevin ZhangMove all constants in DeadReckoning to Auton class...
2016-02-18 Kevin Zhangadd constants same format as meryem did to constants...
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