define wiring in separate file
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2017-06-16 daniel watsonuse spokes on wheels
2016-11-11 daniel watsongive download links for openscad and fritzing
2016-06-14 daniel watsonadd required materials for breadboard to deck
2016-06-11 daniel watsonignore media directory
2016-06-11 daniel watsonadd picture for arduino placement
2015-12-05 daniel watsonbuild/upload/monitor on cli with Makefile
2015-12-04 daniel watsonignore all amf files
2015-02-28 daniel watsonignore auto built files from astyle
2014-08-10 daniel watsonignore downloads folder
2013-09-22 daniel watsonadd ignores for pcb kicad files
2013-09-07 festeMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-09-02 daniel watsonignore gcode and x3g files
2013-09-01 daniel watsonignore generated stl files
2013-08-31 daniel watsonignore media files and built files
2013-07-03 Wayne C. GramlichBrought in original proposal and converted to