2016-03-29 daniel watsonuse openscad open source hardware logo open-source-hardware-logo
2016-03-29 daniel watsonmove copyright to bottom of file
2016-03-29 daniel watsoncreate open source hardware logo in openscad
2016-01-14 daniel watsonmake oshw logo stick out a little more
2016-01-14 daniel watsonremove incorrect project location
2016-01-14 daniel watsonuse special rule to build caster holder
2016-01-14 daniel watsonuse sync to ensure file written to sd card
2016-01-14 daniel watsongenerate amf instead of stl
2015-12-29 daniel watsonget cheaper 9v batteries from jameco
2015-12-05 daniel watsonadd
2015-12-05 daniel watsonbuild/upload/monitor on cli with Makefile
2015-12-05 daniel watsonindicate wire colors in comments
2015-12-05 daniel watsonmake untethered code match wiring diagram
2015-12-05 daniel watsonremove unused backup and turn_around in follow
2015-12-04 daniel watsonmake comments match code for stay on table
2015-12-04 daniel watsonclarify lack of checking speed lower bound
2015-12-04 daniel watsonmake stay-on-table code match wiring diagrams
2015-12-04 daniel watsonignore all amf files
2015-09-05 daniel watsonopen up sonar holding holes to accept sensor
2015-09-05 daniel watsonmake sonar holder insert and remove more easily
2015-09-03 daniel watsonuse hull for gap around sonar sensor
2015-08-12 daniel watsonvarious syntax fixes
2015-08-12 daniel watsonmove variables to tighter scope
2015-08-12 daniel watsondescribe motor better in bill of materials
2015-08-12 daniel watsonmove rendering info into -data, even $fn
2015-08-12 daniel watsonenlarge motor mount holes so threads slip through
2015-08-12 daniel watsonuse honeycomb instead of 3d
2015-08-12 daniel watsonenlarge shaft because printing is wonky
2015-08-12 daniel watsonmake wheel thinner so it clears the screw heads
2015-08-12 daniel watsonreset slic3r configs after cleaning out nozzle
2015-08-12 daniel watsonsync after loading gcode to card
2015-08-08 daniel watsonfix materia 101 bed size
2015-08-07 daniel watsonshrink overlap even more to use less filament
2015-08-07 daniel watsonslowdown infill speed to make it more solid
2015-08-06 daniel watsonshrink edge overlap for smoother outer surface
2015-08-05 daniel watsoncover more of the ball with ball holder
2015-08-04 daniel watsonshrink ball just a little to hold ball better
2015-08-04 daniel watsonincrease ball size to allow more movement
2015-08-04 daniel watsondecrease ball size to hold it tighter
2015-08-04 daniel watsonrevert back to config from materia 101 repo
2015-08-01 daniel watsonmodify caster to attempt to print better
2015-07-31 daniel watsonmake print slower and ball carrier smaller
2015-07-30 daniel watsonprint caster on materia 101
2015-07-26 daniel watsonremove duplicated section of deck holder data
2015-07-26 daniel watsoncreate written instructions
2015-07-26 daniel watsonstandardize license and project info in scad files
2015-07-18 daniel watsonput left motor speed pin on 10 for pwm
2015-06-17 daniel watsonupdate upcoming classes
2015-06-12 daniel watsonupdate upcoming classes
2015-06-12 daniel watsonfix mailto link on about page
2015-04-03 daniel watsonadd nut.scad to demonstrate use of nut-data.scad
2015-04-03 daniel watsonfix up some minor details in BOM
2015-04-03 daniel watsonadd 3d printed parts to BOM
2015-04-03 daniel watsonadd 9v battery and holder to BOM
2015-04-03 daniel watsonremove unused sections of deck and sonar holders
2015-04-03 daniel watsonstart scading the whole robot for printing
2015-04-03 daniel watsontake notes on successfully applying to maker faire
2015-04-01 daniel watsonnote ongoing class and new workshops on website
2015-04-01 daniel watsonverbosify gcode to make reviewing it easier
2015-03-24 daniel watsonenlarge wheel radius to avoid rubbing motor mount
2015-03-24 daniel watsonenlarge wheel's shaft screw hole
2015-03-24 daniel watsoncorrect settings for slic3r 1.2.5 to build gcode
2015-03-24 daniel watsonadd todo for copy-pastable in guide
2015-02-28 daniel watsonupdate upcoming classes to mention learnika
2015-02-28 Erina website for danny
2015-02-28 daniel watsonignore auto built files from astyle
2015-02-28 daniel watsonremove unused qr code from wheel
2015-02-28 daniel watsonseparate data into *-data.scad for 3d models
2014-12-08 daniel watsonadd some TODOs
2014-12-01 daniel watsonfix wiring for right motor
2014-12-01 daniel watsonuse instead of shortener
2014-12-01 daniel watsonadd deck centering parameter
2014-12-01 daniel watsonadd nut shape for wire jig
2014-12-01 daniel watsonautomatically put gcode to sd card and unmount it
2014-12-01 daniel watsonupdate slic3r settings for 1.1.7
2014-12-01 daniel watsonseparate dimensions from form
2014-11-30 daniel watsonadd TODOs
2014-11-30 daniel watsonadd info on deck
2014-11-06 daniel watsonadd wire-jig for cutting wires the right lengths
2014-11-06 daniel watsonprint green better, tighten up caster holder
2014-11-06 daniel watsonswitch to smaller plinko balls for back caster
2014-11-06 daniel watsonfix typo in README
2014-09-22 daniel watsonupdate readme to point at new video playlist
2014-09-08 daniel watsonadd motor controller 5v logic power
2014-09-05 daniel watsoncreate deck scad for mounting everything
2014-08-27 daniel watsonface sonar toward back to match physical layout
2014-08-27 daniel watsongrip the ball better in the caster standoff
2014-08-25 daniel watsonfollow while on table
2014-08-25 daniel watsonenlarge holes on motor mount
2014-08-25 daniel watsonmake caster standoff thick only where necessary
2014-08-25 daniel watsonput "motor controller" in dual half h bridge part
2014-08-20 daniel watsongroup motor wires by color in parts list
2014-08-20 daniel watsonmake uuid
2014-08-20 daniel watsonstrengthen caster holder
2014-08-13 daniel watsonround the corner of sonar table top holder
2014-08-13 daniel watsonfix formatting for consistency
2014-08-10 daniel watsonmake hole for holding wheel to shaft bigger
2014-08-10 daniel watsonignore downloads folder
2014-07-30 daniel watsonupdate todo
2014-07-30 daniel watsoninclude metal, plastic, and wires bags in parts