2013-12-09 daniel watsonmake big wheel spokes smaller, rim larger pratik-wheel
2013-12-09 daniel watsonmake wheel large, but print fast
2013-12-09 daniel watsonturn caster standoff base into oshw logo
2013-12-08 daniel watsonmake caster standoff height more obvious
2013-12-07 daniel watsonmake initial setup easier on ubuntu
2013-12-07 daniel watsonmake qrcodes
2013-12-07 daniel watson21. perfect full caster-standoff
2013-12-07 daniel watson20. hold ball slightly more
2013-12-07 daniel watson19. reveal more of ball
2013-12-05 daniel watson18. reveal more of top of ball
2013-12-05 daniel watson17. complete caster standoff
2013-12-05 daniel watson16. release ball a little
2013-12-05 daniel watson15. allow ball holding flexing with arms
2013-12-05 daniel watson14. try 0.75 again with thicker floor
2013-12-05 daniel watson13. give the ball a little extra space
2013-12-04 daniel watsonperfect ball holder
2013-12-04 daniel watson12. release ball a little, 0.75 extra
2013-12-04 daniel watson11. squeeze ball with just 0.5 space
2013-12-04 daniel watson10. squeeze ball even tighter
2013-12-04 daniel watson9. squeeze fit the ball a little better
2013-12-04 daniel watson8. grip ball better with taller wall
2013-12-04 daniel watson7. hold the ball and allow spin
2013-12-03 daniel watsonball holder holds ball, needs rolling bumpers
2013-12-01 daniel watsonclarify which sonar sensor the holder is for
2013-11-24 daniel watsonmore closely match dobervich's actual piece
2013-11-24 daniel watsontilt toward ball caster for stability on stops
2013-11-24 daniel watsonfit #2 screw head for interlock
2013-11-24 daniel watsongrip deck holder more tightly, fix formatting
2013-11-22 daniel watsonadd follow arduino sketch
2013-11-15 daniel watsonfit sonar cylinder more snuggly
2013-11-15 daniel watsonfit sonar arm to deck holder more snuggly
2013-11-15 daniel watsonharmonize and get rid of unused variables
2013-11-14 daniel watsonadd untethered sketch and schematic
2013-11-14 daniel watsonharmonize challenge-bot with sketches
2013-11-14 daniel watsonclean printing files in 3d-printables/ dir
2013-11-14 daniel watsonswitch to linear extrude for arm of sonar holder
2013-11-12 daniel watsongrab deck holder with sonar sensor arm really well
2013-11-12 daniel watsoncompensate for variance between centers of sensors
2013-11-09 daniel watsoninterlock the caster standoff top and bottom
2013-11-09 daniel watsonconfirm sonar holder for 3/8 inch deck
2013-11-09 daniel watsonfit sonar sensor holder for 1/4 inch deck
2013-11-08 daniel watsonadd both motors test
2013-11-08 daniel watsonright motor initial setup
2013-11-08 daniel watsonadd both sonars
2013-11-08 daniel watsonmake motor mount
2013-11-08 daniel watsonadd right sonar sketch and fritzing diagram
2013-11-07 daniel watsonput sketches and 3d printables into sub-dirs
2013-11-07 daniel watsonsimplify wiring, keep right and left separated
2013-11-07 daniel watsonclarify pin variables, remove set low
2013-11-06 daniel watsonnewline at end of file
2013-11-06 daniel watsonleave caster-standoff ready for printing
2013-11-06 daniel watsonhold sonar sensor and robot deck press fit
2013-11-06 daniel watsonmake sonar holder press fit onto 1/4 inch board
2013-11-04 daniel watsonuse global fragment number for caster standoff
2013-11-04 daniel watsonmake deck flange smaller to print caster faster
2013-11-03 daniel watsonupdate sonar sensor holder after physical test
2013-11-03 daniel watsonremove unused LED to make code smaller
2013-11-03 daniel watsonfixed fritzing finding fraudulent files
2013-11-03 daniel watsonuse motor to test wiring
2013-11-03 daniel watsonset '$fn' globally based on develop or print for wheel
2013-11-03 daniel watsonmake sonar holder 3d printable without overhang
2013-11-03 daniel watsonstandardize phase3 more
2013-11-03 daniel watsondelete intermediate 3d print files with make clean
2013-11-01 daniel watsonupdate formatting
2013-11-01 daniel watsonhold sonar sensor oriented for table top challenge
2013-10-31 daniel watsonuse mini breadboard in schematic
2013-10-30 daniel watsonsmooth out the cylinders
2013-10-30 daniel watsonbuild top and bottom separately
2013-10-29 daniel watsonmake caster flange top half
2013-10-28 daniel watsonclearly comment the shape and placement
2013-10-28 daniel watsonbreak caster-standoff into 2 pieces for printing
2013-10-28 daniel watsonthin out reinforcements to make printing faster
2013-10-26 daniel watsonnotes for phase0 aka traffic lights
2013-10-25 daniel watsonnewline
2013-10-25 daniel watsonspell out order of subprojects in top level readme
2013-10-25 daniel watsonadd pushbutton example
2013-10-25 daniel watsonadd serial example
2013-10-24 daniel watsonadd notes for some wheel measurements
2013-10-23 daniel watsonmove motor shaft z-size into its module
2013-10-23 daniel watsondobervich: make caster standoff smaller for faster...
2013-10-23 daniel watsondobervich: make wheel thinner to print faster
2013-10-23 daniel watsonclean up spacing on motor-mount drill jig
2013-10-22 daniel watsoncomment what the drill jig is
2013-10-22 daniel watsonrename motor mount to avoid clash on mounting bracket...
2013-10-22 daniel watsonsymetric mounting bracket, needs actual measurements
2013-10-22 daniel watsonadd cleaned up dobervich's mounting bracket drill jig
2013-10-22 daniel watsonadd dobervich's bill of materials
2013-10-04 daniel watsonadd deck flange with reinforcements
2013-10-04 daniel watsonremove ziptie and move flange to top
2013-10-04 daniel watsonuse global variables for everything
2013-10-01 daniel watsonadd spokes to wheel
2013-09-22 daniel watsonadd ignores for pcb kicad files
2013-09-15 daniel watsonmake sure files survived transition from wayne's rev_c dir
2013-09-15 daniel watsonadd target for seeedstudio zip
2013-09-15 daniel watsonget rid of some vias
2013-09-15 daniel watsondraw sonar wires on footprint
2013-09-15 daniel watsonmove sonar connectors to nice spot in footprint
2013-09-15 daniel watsongive sonar sensors SIL-4 connector footprint
2013-09-15 daniel watsonpass ERC on sonar connectors, after save
2013-09-15 daniel watsonreplace old sonar connector with newly created one