descriptionbuild your first robot
last changeSun, 3 Nov 2019 06:27:09 +0000 (23:27 -0700)
2019-11-03 ozzloyuse spokes instead of square for wheel master
2019-05-15 ozzloymake leds light up based on ping time
2019-05-15 ozzloyfix small formatting thing
2019-05-14 ozzloymark speeds given to go as constant
2019-05-14 ozzloyshorten code by removing unnecessary "actual"
2019-05-14 ozzloyredo wiring to allow for LEDs and button
2019-05-13 ozzloymake stay-on-table non-blocking
2019-05-13 ozzloyswitch between follow and stay on table with button...
2019-05-13 ozzloystart button chooser to switch between follow and stay...
2018-03-12 daniel watsonadd questions for stages
2018-02-26 daniel watsonmake caster reinforcement stronger
2017-12-11 daniel watsondefine wiring in separate file
2017-06-26 daniel watsonupdate attach caster to deck checklist
2017-06-26 daniel watsonfinish motor assembly checklist and arduino to deck
2017-06-25 daniel watsonmake motor assembly checklist for 2017 june videos
2017-06-16 daniel watsonshorten breadboard ground to ground wire
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