What is challenge-bot?

The challenge-bot course is a course where we walk you through the process of building your own robot, which you will keep. The goal of this class is to teach you the basics of robotics, get you excited about making stuff, and empower you to go out and create new robotics projects on your own after the class.


Daniel Watson


Daniel simulated a self driving car in a massive online class a few years ago. Since then he has worked towards making this happen in the real world. Along the way, he has learned a great deal about electronics, and mechanics. He now has a very solid understanding of a very basic robot.

He rock climbs, and makes robots.

Erin Bennett


Erin learned to program in Linguistics class. She learned how to make her first robot a few years later in a class like this, and was super excited that the concepts she had learned for finding patterns in text could also be used to make robots respond to their environment appropriately. She was so excited, she made up a song about it.

She enjoys juggling, rock climbing, art, and making computational models to understand cognition and language.

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