2019-05-14 ozzloymark speeds given to go as constant
2019-05-14 ozzloyshorten code by removing unnecessary "actual"
2019-05-14 ozzloyredo wiring to allow for LEDs and button
2019-05-13 ozzloymake stay-on-table non-blocking
2019-05-13 ozzloyswitch between follow and stay on table with button...
2019-05-13 ozzloystart button chooser to switch between follow and stay...
2018-03-12 daniel watsonadd questions for stages
2018-02-26 daniel watsonmake caster reinforcement stronger
2017-12-11 daniel watsondefine wiring in separate file
2017-06-26 daniel watsonupdate attach caster to deck checklist
2017-06-26 daniel watsonfinish motor assembly checklist and arduino to deck
2017-06-25 daniel watsonmake motor assembly checklist for 2017 june videos
2017-06-16 daniel watsonshorten breadboard ground to ground wire
2017-06-16 daniel watsonuse spokes on wheels
2017-03-06 daniel watsonadd h_stay_on_table LEDs
2017-03-06 daniel watsonadd g_follow
2017-03-06 daniel watsonadd untethered section
2017-03-06 daniel watsonadd e both motors
2017-03-06 daniel watsonopen fritzing in d_left_motor
2017-03-06 daniel watsonfinish b_left sonar, c_both_sonars, d_left_motor checklists
2017-03-06 daniel watsonclarify plugging in usb
2017-03-06 daniel watsonsee a change in behavior, and unplug usb before moving on
2017-03-06 daniel watsonclarify where to open a_serial sketch
2017-03-05 daniel watsonstart wiring checklist
2017-03-05 daniel watsonfix typo "got glue" -> "hot glue"
2017-03-05 daniel watsoncreate mechanical checklist
2017-01-26 daniel watsonadd LEDs to visually indicate distance sensed
2016-12-12 daniel watsonfill out motor sans wire assembly
2016-12-12 daniel watsonadd intro to class
2016-12-12 daniel watsonbe more specific about steps for fixing
2016-12-12 daniel watsonadd TODO for troubleshooting robot fail
2016-12-12 daniel watsonadd wiring section for hausner guide
2016-11-30 daniel watsonmake class content part of software
2016-11-30 daniel watsonmake sure readers know where to get class content
2016-11-30 daniel watsondescribe openscad as "part shaping"
2016-11-23 daniel watsonupdate 4-40 screw with specific part number
2016-11-23 daniel watsonadd motor and wheel day to winter guide
2016-11-23 daniel watsonavoid starting section title with number
2016-11-23 daniel watsonmake org themes accessible to all hausner guides
2016-11-23 daniel watsonmove hausner guide into year-month directory
2016-11-22 daniel watsonadd mechanical assembly page
2016-11-22 daniel watsonclarify 7-zip only necessary on ms windows
2016-11-22 daniel watsonindicate that fritzing can be used to create pcbs
2016-11-22 daniel watsonadd super short description in title of software
2016-11-16 daniel watsonremove "summary" and "download" headings
2016-11-16 daniel watsonuse readtheorg theme on hausner guide output
2016-11-16 daniel watsonmove hausner overview topics up one level
2016-11-14 daniel watsonadd troubleshooting section
2016-11-14 daniel watsondocument build-stages directory
2016-11-14 daniel watsonadd description of 3d-printables
2016-11-14 daniel watsonstart giving high level description of content
2016-11-11 daniel watsonadd title to hausner challenge-bot overview
2016-11-11 daniel watsonmove hausner docs up one heading
2016-11-11 daniel watsongive download links for openscad and fritzing
2016-11-11 daniel watsonstart an overview of hausner class
2016-11-05 daniel watsonleave space for answers between question lines
2016-10-25 daniel watsonclarify question on wire strippers
2016-10-25 daniel watsonmake all bolt sizes stand out
2016-10-25 daniel watsonfit on 3 pages in pdf by excluding TOC
2016-10-25 daniel watsonmove battery switch question into battery section
2016-10-25 daniel watsonclarify motor controller questions
2016-10-25 daniel watsonclarify arduino larger drill bit question
2016-10-24 daniel watsonadd tools section
2016-10-24 daniel watsonre-organize questions to match build order
2016-10-24 daniel watsonask about motor wire, tools, caster, sonar
2016-10-24 daniel watsonadd misc questions
2016-10-24 daniel watsonre-indent to align with new heading
2016-10-24 daniel watsonadd section about part placement
2016-10-24 daniel watsonbreak questions into drilling and bolts sections
2016-10-24 daniel watsonclarify sentence on arduino holes
2016-10-24 daniel watsonsplit question sentences onto separate lines
2016-10-24 daniel watsonask more bolt name and thread questions
2016-10-24 daniel watsonask about bolt, and drill bit safety
2016-10-24 daniel watsonrenumber starting at 1 for pdf output
2016-10-23 daniel watsonask about arduino placement
2016-10-23 daniel watsonask about drill bit
2016-10-23 daniel watsonask about drill bit sizes for arduino to deck
2016-10-20 daniel watsonadd rest of guide videos
2016-10-20 daniel watsonadd motor fixture to deck
2016-10-20 daniel watsonadd caster section
2016-10-20 daniel watsonstart gideon hausner guide for 2016-10-20
2016-09-21 daniel watsonrename guide sections to match labels better
2016-09-21 daniel watsonplace battery pack attachment after breadboard
2016-09-21 daniel watsonput battery pack soldering after deck drilling
2016-09-21 daniel watsonrestore motor label
2016-09-21 daniel watsonstart numbering guide at 0
2016-09-21 daniel watsonadd notes on order of class
2016-09-21 Erin Bennettadd more labels. (i'm a bad commit msg
2016-09-21 Erin Bennettadd more labels
2016-09-21 Erin Bennettmodify label
2016-09-21 Erin Bennettadd label
2016-08-30 daniel watsonmake sonar holder have rounded corners
2016-08-30 daniel watsoncreate outline of sonar holder code
2016-08-30 daniel watsonfit screw through sonar holder more easily
2016-08-30 daniel watsonshorten sonar holder for using 5/8" bolt
2016-08-30 daniel watsonmake walls thicker for strength
2016-08-30 daniel watsonmake print fudge tighter after tightening printer
2016-08-30 daniel watsonadd TODOs for sonar binder clip holder
2016-08-30 daniel watsonadd picture to makerfaire application
2016-07-25 daniel watsonrecord size of allen wrench for #6 screws